Professional Credit


Professional Credit

During your professional activity, you may need to deal with any type of financing. These requirements may vary depending on your profession. Whether you are a craftsman, trader, engaged in a liberal or medical profession, we can intervene at different stages of your professional activity: during the creation of your business, a modification of your structure (sale or redemption of shares) or still at a development stage.
Your needs to each of these steps will be different. That is why it is important for us to review your entire situation to find yourself a partner bank, which in addition to providing appropriate funding, may also to better understand your daily needs.

Our company operates throughout the Alpes-Maritimes. To facilitate your efforts and best meet your expectations, we can meet you in your office, at your home or any other place to your liking.

Examples of projects for funding:

  • Acquisition of premises: offices, warehouses, workshops ...    
  • Purchase of Businesses: shop, restaurant, bar ...
  • Profession: medical office, redemption patient base, medical equipment
  • Planning and development: building, equipment, vehicles

You may submit your request by filling in the online application form. We promise to review your request and respond to you within 24 hours. This study is free and without obligation!
No money, of any nature whatsoever, may be demanded of an individual before obtaining one or more monetary loans.